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There are no dogs for adoption

Before you adopt, please consider the time and commitment a bully will mean to you and your family. Dogs are for life!
Adoption Fees
-Seniors: 8 years and over- $200
-Adults: 6 months and over: $350 includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, parasite treatment
-Puppies: 8 weeks - 6 months: $350 includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, parasite treatment, deworming.
****Puppies who are under the age of maturity will have to come back to be spayed/nautered. This will be done at our rescue-approved vet in Windsor, NS. If this is not possible due to location, an alternate arrangement will be made. Puppies up to 8 weeks will have their first two sets of vaccinations, and the third will be the responsiility of the owner. Any puppy over 8 weeks who comes into rescue will receive their first set of vaccinations and if adopted within the first month, the second and third set of vaccinations will be the responsibility of the owner. Proof of vaccinations will be required in order for us to book the puppies in for their spay/neuter surgery. All adopted puppies must be altered by 7 months of age, and a contract will be signed stating that if not done, BBR has full rights to reclaim the dog.****
We understand that our adoption rates are higher than those of the SPCA or City Pound, but we are not government funded and rely solely on donations, inluding adoption donations, to be able to vet and care for our dogs. As well, our dogs have spent their time in rescue in home-environments, receiving training while they wait to be adopted, so we have a better idea of how they will respond to their new home than if they were living in a kennel environment.
-Spay or Neuter
-Parasite treatment
-Up to date vaccinations
1) Please fill out an Adoption Application, email to it buddysbullyrescue@outlook.com, and let your vet know we will be calling.
2) We will call your vet and personal references.
3) We will give you a call to go over all of the details regarding the dog you are interested in. 
4) We will then set up a home check. A home check gives us an idea of how the dog will live once it gets adopted. A 'test-dog' may join us on the home check to see how your family interacts with a dog.
5) If everything checks out, the foster family will arrange for your
family to meet the adoptable dog to ensure that everyone gets along appropriately.
6) If accepted, the final step is to fill in the adoption contract, and take your new friend home.
We believe in full disclosure, so rest assured that you will know everything about your new dog that we do before you take him home.
We would like to note that if the dog you choose does not match up with you, there is probably another rescue dog out there that will.
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