Buddy's Bully Rescue - specializing in the misunderstood
Our Team

My dream of opening a rescue began when I adopted two beautiful bullies, Diesel the valleybull and Buddy the pitbull, who both came with their own set of 'issues.' After consulting with a trainer, I had the tools and knowledge to properly train my dogs and turn them into the loving, friendly, socialized creatures that they are today. From this experience, I realized that I possess a special set of skills for working with large-breeds, and what better way to use those skills then to rescue and rehabilitate neglected dogs that have issues of their own.Basic Animal Rescue Certified

"I grew up with bully breeds around me my whole life; dobermans, wolf-hybrids, rottweilers, bulldogs, and pitbulls. Because of this, it is second nature to me when it comes to training and handling large breeds, and working with bullys allows me to use my talents in a positive way." 

The Highway Misfits are ongoing supporters of Buddy's Bully Rescue. They often donate and help with all of our  fundraisers. 
BBR's Official Groomer

Meaghan Lumley- All About Dogs
BBR's Trainer
Meaghan teaches our weekly Foster Training Classes and works with our rescue dog in any way 

Leanne Lomond, Kelly Munroe, Lisa Ladouceur, 
and Krista Rhodes- Adoption Coordinators
It is such a big job processing applications and conducting home visits that it takes 4 people to do it! 

A huge thanks to all of our supporters, donors, fundraisers, transporters, and foster families; we could not do it without you!  
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